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At ICC Compliance Center we offer you DOT 49 CFR Training Courses, 1 day refreshers, 2 day classes and US-Canada Cross border classes. Courses are held in Niagara Falls and Houston Texas offices.

Other locations with our partners, Miami and Cleveland. Also NEW training around the world .

27th year of professional regulatory specialist training experience. Our Regulatory professional team will provide you our customers an understanding and the tools needed for compliance with 49 CFR 172 . Our 49 CFR programs will enable the participants to recognize what those requirements are and how to ensure they are satisfied. Hazardous materials regulations training (49 CFR) is an important step in shipping safely and avoiding fines. 49 CFR training is always based on the current 49 CFR regulations. We also cover the some of UPS requirements for hazardous materials.

After you have taken any of our training courses we support you with help lines to assure compliance with today's rules. Also you will receive our newsletter on any changes to the regulations.

nytime with 2 people or More. Please Contact our office.

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Topics Cover
Overview of regulations affecting transport of hazardous materials
Structure of 48 CFR.
  • Management responsibilities, such as registration
    Training requirements
  • 7 Steps to Compliance
  • Security Awareness
  • Carrier requirements and variations, such as UPS
  • Exceptions and special provisions
Course Material Included
  • or other relevant publication
    (TR-HMT10 and
    TR-HMT11 only)

    (TR-HMT15 only)
  • US Road and Rail Placarding guide
  • UN Performance Packaging guide
  • Compliance checklist
  • Relevant literature

Refresher 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Training

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October 2014

Shipping Hazardous Materials by Ground in USA: 2-Day Initial Training

This is the entry-level 49 CFR hazardous materials training. It is designed for the beginner or anyone new to these regulations. It is a comprehensive two-day program designed to take the student through the 7 Steps to Compliance to provide hazardous materials training based on 49 CFR. Includes UPS requirements.

Live in-person:

Duration: 2 days
Languages: English, Spanish
Prerequisite: None

Shipping Hazardous Materials by Ground in USA: 1-Day Refresher Training

This is a one-day refresher 49 CFR hazardous materials training program that provides regulation updates to experienced students who have previously had 49 CFR hazardous materials training.

Live in-person:

Duration: 1 day
Languages: English, Spanish
Prerequisite: TR-HMT10/TR-HMT100 or equivalent 49 CFR training:

TR-HMT10EB Live in-person,
WB-HMT10WB Live webinar,
WB-HMT10R Recorded webinar,
TR-HMT11EB Live in-person,
WB-HMT11WB Live webinar,
WB-HMT11R Recorded webinar,
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